*Costs may apply to hardware or specialized add-on programs.          **The Zero-Cost Solution is not currently available for these solutions.

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the zero-cost* credit card processing solution for your business




Providing patients with every payment method available without burdening your staff is a challenge facing every dental and orthodontic organization today. This challenge is just as true for a small practice as it is for large national organizations. Savvy patients want to pay their bills using multiple payment methods and dental organization are stuck trying to find a simplistic solution that won’t overburden their staff or damage their bottom line.

Among all the new methods for electronically receiving payments, why not provide your patients with multiple payment options for in-person, over the phone, online, or mobile payments?

TruTransact is here to help. With sterling client service, the highest security standards, and tools to help enable increased donations, TruTransact provides non-profit organizations with powerful payment processing technologies empowering them to receive funds via every possible payment method avail-
able today with ZERO COST* solutions.

​TruTransact is the Complete Solution for DENTAL PAYMENTS.