*Costs may apply to hardware or specialized add-on programs.          **The Zero-Cost Solution is not currently available for these solutions.

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the zero-cost* credit card processing solution for your business




Providing payers with every payment method available without increasing costs is a challenge facing every government organization today.

This challenge is just as true for small offices as it is for large ones. Cash and paper checks can no longer be relied upon as a main source of accepting payments and government entities are stuck paying additional fees if they want to accept alternate forms of payment. Avoid the “convenience fee” model that can be cumbersome and inaccurate. Our “service fee” model splits the deposit between the fee and the amount due, providing your office with 100% deposit accuracy and trust account compliance.

TruTransact is here to help. With sterling client service, the highest security standards, and tools to automate your receivables process, TruTransact provides governmental entities with powerful payment processing technology that charges an econ-omical fee to the resident, enabling your office to receive funds via every possible payment method available today with ZERO COST* to your organization.

​TruTransact is the Complete Solution for GOVERNMENT PAYMENTS.